Of Faith and Prayer

It is said that those who sing actually pray twice. When one listens to the Gregorian chant, this is not hard to believe, readers. Those magnificent chants have persisted down the centuries for a reason!

Modern artists are trying their hand at writing music that, if it is not eternal, it is at least pleasant and beautiful. Sarah Kroger is one of those artists. I have previously posted videos of her songs here, but more have recently been discovered by this author. Along with the previous melodies, I hope they will bring a smile to your face. 😀

Enjoy the music, readers!


Monument – Sarah Kroger (Official Lyric Video)


Standing In Your Light – Sarah Kroger (Official Lyric Video)


Sarah Kroger – Freedom In the Spirit (Official Lyric Video)


A Thousand Thank Yous (Official Audio) – Sarah Kroger


Sarah Kroger – For Us (Official Lyric Video)

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