“Go, Speed Racer, GO!”

No, the title for this post was not entirely my idea, readers. And while it is a reference to the popular 1960s’ anime series Speed Racer*, that allusion came straight from Lockheed, the creator of the drone described in the article linked herein. It is, apparently, quite fast!

However, looking at the photograph makes me think less of the famous Mach 5 and more of the bird drone Speed could deploy from the hood of his excellent race car. If you have ever seen an episode of the series that featured the dove-style robot, you may understand the reference. At the very least, the description of Lockheed’s prototype implies it sets off from a larger plane in a manner somewhat reminiscent of that little robot’s departure from the car!

Click the link to learn more about this fascinating piece of equipment, readers:

speed racer, stardrive, lockheed martin

Skunk Works Reveals Its Secret ‘Speed Racer’ Aircraft

It’s either a cruise missile-shaped drone, or a drone-shaped cruise missile.


MAR 2, 2021


A new video from Lockheed Martin includes an exciting Easter egg: the first real glimpse of a recently teased secret aircraft.

The star is Speed Racer, an uncrewed aerial vehicle that Lockheed’s legendary Skunk Works division built. Skunk Works is responsible for some of the most famous aircraft of all time, including the SR-71 Blackbird and U-2 Dragon Lady spy planes. Will Speed Racer someday join their ranks?

Stephen Trimble, the defense editor at Aviation Week & Space Technologyfirst spotted the aircraft in the Lockheed video, which shows an orange and yellow drone fall clear of a Beech 1900 (C-12 Huron in U.S. military service), unfold a pair of wings, and streak away. The drone features a large, upright skunk, which is the famous trademark symbol of Skunk Works.

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