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Reposted: Nipping at the Heels of Gods

Take a look at this piece by author Kit Sun Cheah, readers:

Nipping at the Heels of Gods

By conventional standards, the action scenes I write are unconventional.

Many action scenes in pop culture follow the same tired formula. Lone hero picks up a machine gun, wades into a group of bad guys and blows them all away. Barbarian hefts his blade and cuts down a horde of lesser foes. Gongfu hero takes on 27 ninjas with his bare hands and defeats them all. I suppose to the intended audience it is exciting. I find it mindless. Boring, even.

And if I find it boring, my audience will.

About half a decade ago, I encountered a difficult problem in fiction. I could skip entire fight scenes without losing track of the story, without missing anything, without diminishing my experience of the story by one iota. Be it manga, films or prose, I found myself skipping past what were supposed to be intense battles and climactic duels.

They were mindless. They were boring. They did not hold true to what I knew of violence. I couldn’t bring myself to read those scenes. And when a significant chunk of the story is composed of nothing but mindless violence, reading the story is simply a waste of time and money.

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