The Family that Sings Together….

Can and will pray together. Take a look at the link below to learn more, readers:

Mother and son band DUPREE releases stellar second album

J-P Mauro – published on 02/16/21

The sophomore record experiments with pop tones, still driven by ripping guitar solos.

The sensational mother and son led band DUPREE is back with its second featured album. Lauren and Dylan Dupree did a great job writing memorable tunes that are genuinely fun to listen to. Titled Never Forget, the 11-track record is jam-packed with fantastic faith-based songs that are bound to be a crossover success.

DUPREE’s sophomore album marks a departure from the “classic rock” feel of their 2019 release, Everlasting LoveNever Forget experiments with more electric effects and vocal layering than its predecessor. The work still prominently features Dylan Dupree’s phenomenal guitar solos, making even their more pop-centered songs rock out.

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