From Earth to Barsoom – Almost

John Carter* is an enjoyable film. I, for one, would have paid to see it in theaters – if the title had been a little more clear on the fact that it was a science fiction film based on the book John Carter of Mars*, by Edgar Rice Burroughs*. As things stand, I saw it much later on the small screen, where I found it quite a bit more entertaining than the advertisements initially suggested.

It has always puzzled this author why there were no sequels. John Carter of Mars is the first in a series, after all, and while the movie did not hew closely to the story in all respects it was entertaining. Why did Disney not move to make more such films?

The video provides answers to these and many more questions, readers. I will not spoil it but, suffice it to say I wish that Disney had continued with this film franchise. Star Wars and the Marvel Cinematic Universe are both worlds that this writer happily returns to when the opportunity arises, but there is something to be said for adapting the classics. And whatever else it may be, John Carter of Mars IS a classic.

So, in its own way, is the film John Carter. Be sure to pick up a copy of both after you watch the video, readers!

Why John Carter Failed – How Disney Let Its Biggest Movie Die

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3 thoughts on “From Earth to Barsoom – Almost

  1. Thoroughly enjoyable film. I haven’t read the books and can’t comment on its faithfulness. Typically I don’t care anyway; movies and books are just different beasts and need to be evaluated on their own merits. I’ve seen a number of post- mortems on what went wrong with John Carter. But I think ultimately it comes down to people didn’t know what it was, and Disney didn’t know how to promote it.

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