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Reposted: 3 Lessons from Writing A Female Protagonist

Take a look at this excellent piece by author Kai Wai Cheah, readers:

3 Lessons from Writing A Female Protagonist

Babylon Red was my first attempt at writing a novel-length work anchored by a female protagonist. Unlike other modern fiction, I sought to write a female character, not a man with breasts. She had to think, talk, act and feel like a woman. How she sees and interacts with the world and other characters is grounded in her biology. To do this, I set three principles to guide her character.

This article is not about how to write a Strong Female Character™. You’ll find countless articles on how to do that from other sources, including actual women. This piece is an extension of those articles. It is about how to add an extra touch of authenticity, especially in a setting that demands intense action against terrible odds.

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1 thought on “Reposted: 3 Lessons from Writing A Female Protagonist”

  1. Based on the composition of the publishing industry, it would be more useful to have an article about writing realistic men and boys.

    The “guys with tits” civ-nattery milfic ladies do not throw readers out of the story nearly as hard as ternage male protagonists written with the voice of menopausal women.

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