The Itsy, Bitsy Spider – Joins An Orchestra?!

Not quite, but the title caught your interest, did it not? Click the link to learn more, readers!

Zebra spider - Wikipedia

Scientists Turn Spider Webs Into Spider Music

Apr 27, 2021

Steve Palace

Spider fans are making music…using the webs of their eight-legged friends!

Not actual webs, but virtual ones. Prof Markus J. Buehler of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is in charge of a project turning the creepy crawlies’ webs into compositions.

From spider webs to spider music

How does it work? The team, including artist Tomás Saraceno and doctoral candidate Isabelle Su, brought in a tiny collaborator…namely Cyrtophora citricola, or the tropical tent-web spider.

As the arachnid worked on its web, a cross-section was laser-scanned in 2D. An algorithm then spun that out in computer form, creating a 3D version.

So far, so intriguing. But wait a minute, why base an instrument on a web in the first place?

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