Bulletin: Cirsova Magazine’s 2021 Summer Issue is LIVE!

Today is the big day, readers! Cirsova Magazine’s 2021 Summer Issue, which features my tale “Lupus One” as the cover story, is now LIVE and available for purchase in both ebook* and paperback* on Amazon!

I have searched long and hard for a home for this story, and seeing it in print (and illustrated!) at last is a wonderful thing. Especially since it’s new abode has given it a place of honor. Already a proud member of Cirsova’s roster, I cannot conceive of a better venue for this tale. Cirsova Magazine rocks!!!

Also, please remember that this issue contains the second part of two serials begun in the Spring Issue reviewed here. If you have not read those installments yet, then jumping into this issue will cause some disorientation for you. So when you buy the Summer Issue, you might also like to pick up a copy of the Spring Issue, on Kindle* if not in paperback.* It comes in three variant covers, each one unique and memorable in its own right, so you can enjoy these stories in their entirety!

Per Amazon’s requirements, I must remind you that the links marked with asterisks are Amazon Affiliate links. When you purchase something – anything – through them, this author receives a (small) commission from the company. Also, while you are there, please remember to leave a review or at least a rating for this issue and others in which I have a story. Those tell me and other authors how well we have done our work, so they are things we really want to see!

So, readers, until my next story is published, go enjoy “Lupus One” and this fantastic issue of Cirsova Magazine! 😀

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