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Readers, I am happy to announce that I have a book under contract with Hurn Publications! Titled The Vampire, the Writer, and the Silver Pen, I hope you will enjoy it upon its release.

I am pleased and honored to be part of Hurn Publications. Thanks should also go out to the company’s staff; they have been wonderfully courteous and helpful on this journey, and I am happy to work with them as we bring this book to print.

If you wish to learn more about Hurn Publications you may visit their store here. While I am presently unable to point to a specific link for The Vampire, the Writer, and the Silver Pen, please stay tuned for my next update on this book!

Until then, please access my bibliography for my current catalog. My bio includes links to several sites that have published my articles, and it would be wonderful to know what you thought of those particular pieces. Thank you again for traveling with me on this path; your prayers and support are much appreciated and always welcome.

There is more going on behind the scenes here at Song than I will discuss at the moment; rest assured, however, that I have not stopped writing my stories. You will be hearing more from me, readers. Thank you, God bless, and have a wonderful day!

4 thoughts on “Bulletin!

  1. Looking forward to it. Seriously.

    Unrelated and cross-posted.

    In the past two weeks I have play-tested going maskless in two Deep Coronadoom states. Even when the signs said “Masks Required” (By whom? Who made you Emperor?) and staff and customers were masked…No pushback.

    Including pleasant, smiling (me) convos with the masked. Be the change, folks. We have a window here before the fall panic. Go for it!

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