A New Song

Check it out, readers!

Lauren Daigle’s new soulful single, “Hold On to Me,” is simply stunning

J-P Mauro – published on 03/04/21

Daigle’s smoky voice sets this song on fire.

Lauren Daigle is back in 2021 with a brand new single, the first release since her 2018 hit record Look Up ChildThe title track from her last album broke the record for most weeks at #1, a spot it still holds after 119 weeks. The soulful Christian singer is now poised to put more of her music on the Billboard list with this strong first showing.

“Hold On to Me” commands the listener’s attention from the start. Lauren’s opening note sounds strained and tired, giving a particular weight to the performance. She effortlessly grows the tune with belting high notes that ring with just the right amount of vibrato. The simple accompaniment adds to a sense of loneliness that drives the melancholy yet hopeful lyrics.

Hold on to me when it’s too dark to see You

When I am sure I have reached the end

Hold on to me when I forget I need You

When I let go, hold me again

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