Thou Shalt Not Steal

It is the Seventh Commandment, and yet no one pays attention to it. Not even when they are in Pompeii, a city of tragedy and loss. To paraphrase my story in Tuscany Bay Books’ Sol Anthology*: “Let the dead bury their dead”! When you visit Pompeii, just take pictures home with you. It will be easier than sending back whatever you snagged from the ruins as a souvenir.

Do I believe the city is cursed by the ancient gods, or any gods, for that matter? No, I do not. But I also do not believe it is a good idea to take things – stones, rocks, et cetera – from a place like Pompeii, either. It just strikes me as rather…disrespectful to all those who died. Let the dead bury their dead and rest in peace. Please!

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Canadian Tourist Returned Artifacts She Stole From Pompeii Because They ‘cursed Her’

Jan 7, 2021 Steve Palace

Modern day thieves are sending back stuff they stole from ancient Pompeii, together with letters of apology. How come? Well, it seems a curse may exist in this tragic city!

Light fingered tourists have actually been returning their ill gotten gains for a while. As reported by Italian news outlet Il Messaggero and covered by sources such as IFL Science, a recent return grabbed the attention of officials.

A travel agent arrived at a police station one day with a package, plus letter. And what a letter. The tale of sorrow and remorse came from a “Nicole”, based in Canada.

As a 21 year old she visited Pompeii and decided to smuggle some things back with her. Fragments including pottery and mosaic tiles accompanied her back home. But so did bad fortune.

Declaring her younger self “young and stupid”, Nicole (now 36) revealed that over the years she’d experienced money problems. Worst of all she went through 2 battles against breast cancer.

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