Bulletin: A New Story Revealed – in Storyhack Magazine, Issue Seven!

More good news has arrived, readers! As of May 14, 2021, I have had a short story published in Storyhack Magazine*! If you crack open their latest issue – Storyhack Magazine Issue Seven – you will find my tale “Scylla’s Lair” which begins on page 89! It takes a familiar fairy tale, adds a dash of Greek myth, and mixes in a good dose of horror. Here is the description, straight from Storyhack Magazine:

Muriel gave her voice to marry her true love and gain a human soul. But has it cost her more than she can pay?

“Scylla’s Lair” came about when this writer played with the concept of the original Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale “The Little Mermaid.” The story he penned is quite different from the more familiar Disney film, modern movies, and like-minded re-tellings meant for children. Inspiration hit like lightning as this author ruminated upon Anderson’s tale and now, thanks to Storyhack Magazine, you can read her work in the pages of this magazine!

I would like to thank Bryce Beattie of Storyhack Magazine for this exciting opportunity. It is wonderful to be a part of the Storyhack family of authors, and I am proud to say that “Scylla’s Lair” has a home with this great magazine. It is an honor and a privilege!

You can purchase either the paperback or the ebook copy of Storyhack Magazine’s seventh issue here* or here*, readers. These are Amazon Affiliate links, so if you buy anything through them, this author receives a (miniscule) commission from the site. And please remember to leave a review of this issue after you read it, so I know how much you enjoyed “Scylla’s Lair”!

See you in Storyhack Magazine, readers!

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