Booze in the Mud Room?!

Yet another alcoholic discovery has been made, readers! Click the link to learn more:

Bottles of the whiskey – dating back at least 90 years – were discovered wrapped in brown paper. Credit: BootleggerBungalow

New York: Bootleggers Whiskey Trove Found In Old House

Jan 8, 2021

Ian Harvey

When Nick Drummond and Patrick Bakker bought a home in Ames, New York in September of 2019 they had heard rumors of bootleggers but considered it a tall tale.

The house, built in 1915, needed some work on the skirting of the rear mud room and as Drummond removed the rotted wood a package fell out. The package contained six bottles of whiskey packed in straw. When he discovered the stash, he realized that the rumors of a bootlegger may have been true.

According to, the couple had planned on renovating the old home which needed new electric service and the plumbing replaced and when the two began stripping the wallpaper they found much of the plaster needed repair as well.

Their plan was to remodel the kitchen first and enlarge the mud room. There was a secret door in the floor of the room which the two had noticed when they bought the house but had never investigated.

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