Odd American Ruins

Those who have read Andre Norton’s Witch World novels* may well recognize the parallels between some of the ruins described below and the “places of the Old Ones” in the Dales of High Hallack. A land to the west of Estcarp, High Hallack was based on the United States, albeit with plenty of Medieval culture and customs in place of the typically expected Americanized culture. The Dales were separate fiefdoms and they only unified when an outside threat, the Hounds of Alizon, invaded their lands with alien technology.

The remnants of the Old Ones in High Hallack were generally respected and feared. It was not considered a good idea to overnight in one of the tumbled ruins of their ancient abodes, either. Some were places of evil, and even those that were good could leave a person….changed. Dale lords and peasants alike were rightly wary of those who came from the Wastes with new abilities, as some of those who returned did not come back seeking anything good.

Luckily, the locations discussed in the article are much safer, and the public gets to visit them often. If there are any “remnants of the Old Ones” here, they haven’t made themselves noticeable. So click the link to learn more about these fascinating places, readers!

MESA VERDE, CO – JULY 12: Visitors tour the dwellings at Cliff Palace in Mesa Verde National Park.July 12, 2017 Mesa Verde, CO. (Photo By Joe Amon/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

Ancient Archaeological Sites…In America? Dazzling Ruins Not Sole Domain Of Greece & Rome

Jan 18, 2021

Ian Harvey

We tend to think of the United States as the home of all things bright, shiny and new, not a land of ancient cultures and archaeological sites that fascinate history buffs and experts alike.

That’s what happens when one operates on assumptions and misinformation, instead of truths and cold, hard facts – we end up with metaphorical egg on our faces.

In fact, there are several places in America that rival some of the most important archaeological sites in Greece and Rome. Sites that are truly ancient.

Sites that date back thousands of years. Sites that continue to offer insights and valuable information to the folks who study America’s geographic development, as well as the country’s Native populations who lived there long before Columbus crossed the Atlantic from Europe.

Read more….

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One thought on “Odd American Ruins

  1. The thing about American ruins is that the continuity has been broken. Owing to a combination of lack of literacy and mass epidemics, the stuff is more mysterious not only than Greece or Rome, but Egypt before the decipherment of hieroglyphics, or early Crete before that of Linear B. Those, there was a tradition that passed through the Greek and Roman writings, however thin.

    Here? There were many places where the whites asked the resident tribes about who built the mounds they were next to, and got a scornful look for asking such a question about a hill — and those tribes were often the descendants of the Mound Builders.

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