Reposted: Be Advised

There’s some very good advice in this article, readers:


Over the past week or so, I’ve talked with several new writers who had finished their manuscripts and were ready to start on the next phase of their projects. A couple of them had a pretty good plan in mind. They’d already sent their work to beta readers or it was being workshopped by their writing group. The other was caught in that dear in the headlights moment of “OMG, it’s finished. Now what do I do?”. All three were looking at their options of going indie, trying to find a publisher or using a packager to get their book out there. All three were at the point where they could easily fall victim to what used to be called vanity publishers.

I’ve preached one thing since joining this blog years ago–as writers, we have to educate ourselves about our industry and then we have to stay up-to-date. That means understanding the difference between traditional publishing, indie publishing and using a packager. It means knowing the different publishers and distributors if you are going the traditional route.

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