Reposted: Occum’s Plot Scale

Check out this intriguing piece by Nate Winchester, readers!

Occum’s Plot Scale

Awhile back I had posted this note on plot holes. Later I finally remembered the name I always wanted it to be. So today I’m reissuing the post with a few modifications and finally a much more proper title for the rule of thumb.

So first of all, I want to acknowledge that a lot of this is drawn from better writers than me. I’m especially indebted to Ken Begg, High Priest of Jabootu, Chuck of SFDebris, and Shamus Young, the DM of the Ring as well as many others.


At the time of writing, if you search the internet – even just YouTube – you will find plenty of words and thoughts on the topics of plot holes. If you are somehow reading this a decade later there will still probably be a lot of debate on this topic.

Plots are the events of a story. Stories work because the plots follow a logical progression. X causes Y which leads to Z kicking off A which makes B happen, forcing C to occur… etc

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