Reposted: ….And Between the Wasteland & Sky

This is an article I have wanted to repost for a while. It isn’t specifically about the craft of writing, but an astute prospective author will doubtless learn a great many things about storytelling in J.D. Cowan’s piece on the anime Trigun.

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. . . And Between the Wasteland & Sky

Wolfwood: “Well I’ll be. I’m actually surprised that you can smile like that.”Vash: “Huh? What do you mean?”

Wolfwood: “You had me kinda worried. I noticed you always smile and seem really friendly, but the way you smiled was so empty it hurt to watch you. You’re hurting like crazy on the inside, yet you grin and bear it.”

It’s been a very long time since I talked about the subject this blog was named after. I’ve always thought Trigun deserved more recognition than it has but never felt the need to really go into detail about it. To be quite honest, I didn’t feel like there was much of a point of bringing it back up until I remind myself just how much it influenced what I do now. So that will be the subject for today. I think I owe it a bit more proper focus than I have given it in the past.
For those unaware, the title of this blog Wasteland & Sky comes from an episode title of the anime Trigun. The full moniker is . . . And Between the Wasteland & Sky and it’s the title of the eighth episode. The reason I chose it is a bit hard to explain aside from the fact that it neatly sums up the whole series and is a phrase that stuck with me since I first saw Trigun back in the ’90s. Choosing it as the title seemed to fit perfectly with what I cover here.
What struck me specifically is what the main character, Vash, says during the preview for this episode. Every episode has, instead of a typical episode preview describing what happens next week, Vash usually describing something tangentially related to the events of the story. But this one was a slight bit different. It marks a turning point in the series and gives the game away as to what the whole shebang actually about.

People who sin say this: that they had to, to survive. People who sin say this: “It’s too late now to stop.” The shadow called sin dogs them steadily from behind, silently without a word. Remorse and agony are repeated only to end up at despair in the end, but the sinners just don’t know that if they’d only turn around there’s a light there, a light which keeps shining on them ever so lonely. A light that will never fade.

I wasn’t in a very good place when I first saw Trigun back in the ’90s but it is a series that helped me work a lot of things out when I least expected it to. That isn’t very common with me when it comes to art. So, if anything, I felt I owed it something in return. Hopefully a blog title by a weird action writer will suffice. And if I by chance sell you on watching it, then I consider this entire project worth the effort.

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