Music for the Soul

Scanning through the Internet for information can bear strange fruit, readers. In this case it brought a new singer to this author’s attention. This artist is Sarah Kroger, a Catholic singer/songwriter in the Christian music scene, and I wish I had discovered her earlier. Her work is excellent.

Below are the six songs Ms. Kroger wrote and performed that have impressed me most so far. If you enjoy her work as much as this novelist does, you can find Ms. Kroger’s CDs* on Amazon. Her songs are also available on iTunes, as well as Spotify.

Enjoy the music, readers. I know I will!

Right Here Right Now – Sarah Kroger


Unbroken Family – Sarah Kroger


I Will Say Yes – Sarah Kroger


Overcome (Official Audio) – Sarah Kroger


No Fear In Love – Sarah Kroger 


I Choose You (Official Lyric Video) – Sarah Kroger

*These are Amazon affiliate links. When you purchase something through them, this author receives a commission from Amazon at no extra charge to you, the buyer.

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