Hidden Temple

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Mohammad Fadli – CC BY-SA 3.0

Mount Padang Has Many Secrets: What’s Beneath Its Surface Astounds Scientists

Jan 21, 2021

Ian Harvey

Mount Padang: Indonesia is a country famous for its white sand beaches, blazing hot sun, and crystal blue waters that lure millions of tourists every year, from continents as close as Australia or as distant as the southern United States.

Its beauty is legendary, and locals are justifiably proud of the way nature seems to have given the country a double dose of unspoiled landscapes and memorable sunsets.

But there is much more to this island paradise than beaches on which to relax and oceans in which to surf and swim. Indonesia has some remarkable archaeological structures, some of which date back thousands of years.

These locations appeal to scientists every bit as much as the beaches appeal to visitors, and there is much to be gained from experts’ investigations into these sites.

One example is the “pyramid” atop Mount Padang, in West Java. It’s not a pyramid in the usual sense one might imagine them, like the famous pyramids of Egypt.

But it too has secrets buried just beneath its surface, like Egyptian pyramids have tombs of kings and queens under their surfaces. And the secrets lurking under the rock and earth at Mount Padang are as complex and compelling – and also very old – as the ones that lie beneath the Giza Pyramids near Cairo.

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