Happy Easter to All!

The visions that various saints and mystics have seen over time are not dogmas – that is, they are not items of faith which the Catholic Church requires her children to believe. Catholics can accept as true or disbelieve in the private visions of the beatified as they wish. It is not necessary for them to believe anything these men and women saw in order to get to heaven.

That being said, they are often worth investigation. The apparition described in the article linked below is one, in this author’s opinion, that deserves study. But then, she is a rather sentimental writer. 😉

Have a Happy Easter, readers. And may God and Mary go with you!

Greatest Hug in History: A Mystic’s Account of Jesus & Mary’s Embrace After the Resurrection

by Fr. Gabriel Lickteig – Apr 20, 2020

Ven. Mary of Agreda, also known as Sister Mary of Jesus, was a 17th-Century Mystic in Spain who received supernatural revelations from Our Lady about her holy life, which she wrote and compiled into a magnificent four-volume work titled The Mystical City of God.

During this time of quarantine, one thing people perhaps miss most is embracing loved ones. It is one of the great natural consolations God gives us on this Earth.

Let us offer this separation in union with Our Lord’s victory in His Passion, Death and Resurrection for an end to this virus.

In order to hold us over until we can wholeheartedly embrace our loved ones, allow me to explain an event in which Ven. Mary of Agreda described in her book. This can simply be called the greatest hug that ever took place in the history of the universe.

This embrace between Our Lord and His Blessed Mother after His triumph on the Cross and descent into the abode of the patriarchs, where He liberated all the righteous souls held there, to free the just that had gone before Him.

Our Lord’s soul was then united once again to His body, endowing it with radiant splendor and unimaginable glory.

As Our Lord accomplished this, Ven. Mary describes Our Lady as “aware of all these mysteries…and participating in them from her retreat in the Cenacle (the Upper Room).”

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