On Art and Worship

Take a look at this intriguing piece, readers:

public domain

The True Nature Of Worship

“Worship demands sacrifice and the sacrifice He demands will be the sacrifice of our hearts and minds.”

What gods do we truly worship?

What would we give up everything for? Wealth? Fame? Possessions?

What would we not give up regardless of what is offered to us? Prestige? Pleasure? Position?

When we answer these questions we discover the most important thing in our lives. Whatever answer we give, that is our god.

It has been said that the devil doesn’t care who or what man worships as long as it is not God. And the devil works very hard at exploiting our weaknesses.

We are coming dangerously close to eliminating God from our everyday lives.

Scratching the Surface

Donald Barnhouse was the pastor of the Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia from 1927 until his death in 1960. One evening he was counseling a young woman outside the church after services. She said she was a Christian and wanted to follow Christ but she also wanted to be a famous actress. She wanted a stage career in New York, and she told the pastor that as soon as she had “made it,” she would follow Christ completely.

Pastor Barnhouse fished around in his pocket for a key. He took the key over to a nearby mailbox and made a scratch in the painted surface.

“That is what God will let you do,” said the pastor. “He will let you scratch the surface of success. He will let you get close enough to the top to know what it is, but He will never let you have it, because He will never let one of His children have anything other than Himself.”

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