“My Help Is the LORD….”

Learn more about the four nuns living on a small island who escaped the Japanese in World War II, readers:

The “Submarine” Sisters from St. Joseph of Orange. (Courtesy of Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange)

The remarkable story of four stranded nuns, a remote island and a heroic submarine rescue

By Ashley Halsey III

July 14, 2018 at 9:00 a.m. EDT

By the time World War II ended, more than 60 million people had been killed and vast swaths of Europe and Asia were in ruins. After the victors had brief moments of celebration, the world was eager to move on.

So the remarkable story of the four American nuns who were caught up in the swirl of the war on a tiny South Pacific island and later rescued by a U.S. Navy submarine was left to gather dust on a shelf in Southern California.

“It just was sort of buried and nobody was paying much attention to it for many years,” said Sister Eileen McNerney, who brought the story to light about three years ago.

When McNerney asked an older nun why she thought the story was buried for decades, the nun responded, “I think that everyone was just tired of the war when it was over. People just wanted to move forward at that time and put the past behind.”

In 2016, a journal kept by one of the nuns, Sister Hedda Jeager, was published in the book “Trapped in Paradise,” and filmmakers are at work on a documentary of the harrowing experience.

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