Bulletin: Enter the Cirsova Spring Issue and A New Kickstarter!

Cirsova’s Chen Cover

Today is March 15th, readers! If you saw the review posted on March 12th, then you know that Cirsova Magazine’s Spring Issue is LIVE on both Amazon* and their Aerio store today! You can read my review of this issue here to see what you will be getting when you pick it up.

Remember, I will have a story appearing in Cirsova’s Summer Issue again this year. And since there will be several ongoing serials in the Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter Issues, that means when you pick up my issue you will be entering these stories in media res. You will be missing key parts of those tales if you simply jump to the Summer Issue without reading the Spring one first.

So if you want to experience the Summer Issue properly, I recommend picking up the Spring Issue now. That way you will be able to understand the rest of the Summer Issue when you purchase and read that. And if you like what you see, then you can purchase the following issues as they come out in order to make a complete set, which you can go back and read whenever you like.

In related news, Cirsova has a kickstarter going right now. This one is meant to rescue and reprint a classic sci-fi tale. For those readers who had to do a report on The Scarlet Letter* and hated it, I sympathize with your initial reaction to hearing that the tale Cirsova has set out to re-publish was written by Nathaniel Hawthorne’s* son. Julian Hawthorne* was a prolific author in his own right, and one of the genres he wrote in was the burgeoning field of science fiction.

The tale in question is The Cosmic Courtship, and the kickstarter is already doing well. Even so, it could do with a boost, in no small part because if this crowdfunding campaign goes really well, Cirsova will start reprinting other “lost” pulp fiction as well. They will also donate a public domain copy of The Cosmic Courtship to Project Gutenberg, which currently does not possess the original text. At present, the only way to find a copy of Courtship and other “lost” pulp tales is to spend sums of money on old, delicate copies of the original magazines in which they were printed.

Project image for The Cosmic Courtship, by Julian Hawthorne

For perspective, The Cosmic Courtship came out in 1917. That means the original magazines are over one hundred years old. They are therefore extremely valuable and at higher risk of damage than items published fifty to sixty years in the past. And this means that recovering this and other stories is a nerve-wracking task for anyone, let alone independent publishers like Cirsova!

If you want to help Cirsova Publishing hit the mark and save these unique pieces of literature, click the link here to see which kickstarter rewards most appeal to you. The rewards wherein you can donate 20 copies of The Cosmic Courtship to an educator or librarian of your choice are expensive, but might appeal to those who know someone looking for new material for their students. (Or annoy the librarian who put their last donation on the “for sale” shelves. ;P) Either way, picking one of these options will help spread this story throughout the country.

As always, the links marked with an asterisk are Amazon Affiliate links. If you buy the related item through them, then this author will receive a (miniscule) commission for directing you to new merchandise. So don’t wait, go pick up Cirsova’s Spring Issue and/or back their kickstarter today! The Cosmic Courtship and other tales are depending on you!

I’ll see you in Cirsova this summer, readers!

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