Meditating on Suffering with Wolverine

Check out this great article on Wolverine through the link below, readers. And if you get the chance, look up the episode “Nightcrawler” from the 1990s X-Men: The Animated Series. It is a wonderful installment that every Marvel fan should see at least once!

How Wolverine and Wandering Can Lead us to Spiritual Regeneration this Lent

The 1990s cartoon X-Men: The Animated Series became my first exposure to superheroes. That show ignited the start to a life-long love of comics and super-powered figures. As a child I only loved the characters for their cool costumes and unique abilities. However, as time passed, I started to enjoy the superheroes because of their backstories and personal struggles. Despite the change in my focus on deciding which comics I read or watch now, what has not changed is my interest in Wolverine. Arguably no other comic book hero or villain depicts the rawness of humanity, the struggle between our beastly inclinations towards humanity as Wolverine.

While his most famous and outward powers consist of his adamantium claws, Wolverine’s natural- born mutant abilities also include an accelerated healing factor, enhanced senses, and strength. Along with his superpowers, the storyline and events surrounding the clawed Avenger mark a quintessential search for meaning in life. Born in Canada as James Howlett, Wolverine flees his home after killing the murderer of his birth father in a fit of rage. Eventually, he gets adopted and dons the moniker Logan. Because of his regenerative powers, Wolverine is largely immune from the effects of diseases and the aging process. As an adult, Logan served and fought in a multitude of wars and developed an excellent set of combat skills.

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3 thoughts on “Meditating on Suffering with Wolverine

  1. I loved that episode!

    First time I ever saw a Catholic character that was a good guy, and he’s not just good– he was like the people I know. But cooler. He was a wise-cracking, charming hero who was kind and gentle— and willing to show it, in contrast with Wolverine– as well as tough.


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