Knights of the Road

There is just something thrilling about watching big vehicles go by, readers. From trains and planes to eighteen wheelers, something about modern machines rumbling past one gives a person a good feeling. No wonder films like Smokey and the Bandit* and Cannonball Run* were such hits. Who can say no to American steel, horsepower, and just plain cool vehicles?

In their own way, the videos below pay homage to American truck drivers and their trusty eighteen wheelers. There was a time when little children would get a huge kick out of signalling truckers, who would toot their horns in response. Fewer and fewer children do that now, so much so that there is a story going around the Internet that truckers brag when someone asks that they toot their horns.

Maybe it is time to bring that practice back. The truckers would sure appreciate it. And the kids might not mind, either!

Enjoy the music, readers. And be sure to give those knights of the road a smile and a wave next time you see them. They will appreciate that. 😉


Light ‘Em Up – Light Show Complilation


“Last of the Cowboys” – Tony Justice


“Brothers of the Highway” – Tony Justice

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