Bulletin: “Where Now Are the Dunedain, Elessar, Elessar?”

Courtesy of Richard Paolinelli

Planetary Anthology: Saturn* has been released, readers! The last book in the Planetary Anthology Series is available in e-book and paperback format. Now you can purchase all eleven books from Tuscany Bay and have the entire collection on your shelf, digital or physical!

Apparently, being a busy beaver of a writer these last few months, this author missed the notification that Planetary Anthology: Uranus is now an Audiobook.* You can listen to my story The Long Dream, in addition to Despot Hold ‘Em, if you currently have the Luna Audiobook.* Planetary Anthology: Mercury* has also had an Audiobook* available for some time now as well.

Planetary Anthology: Venus* had its Audiobook* copy go live recently, too. If you are searching for great fiction but don’t have time to actually read it, consider picking up these Audiobooks to enter the fantastic tales that fill these volumes. You may find new favorites you didn’t know you wished to read until you listen to them!

Once again, I must remind you that the links marked with an asterisk are Amazon Affiliate links. If you make a purchase through them, this author receives a small commission as compensation for directing you to them. Additionally, the “Buy me a Coffee” button below takes you to this writer’s Ko-fi page. So if you like my stories and my posts, consider adding to the tip jar as a form of encouragement. 😉

See you on the moon and around the sun and Uranus, readers!

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