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Credit: Vasily Bogoyavlensk

Thawing Permafrost Is Creating Pingos Which Are Likely To Explode

Oct 27, 2020

Ian Harvey

Because of climate change and the melting of permafrost in Siberia, craters have begun to appear across the icy tundra on the Yamal and Gydan peninsulas.

The craters are exploded heave mounds or pingos that occur as the buildup of methane gas in pockets of thawing permafrost under the surface that when the pressure is the greatest explode hurling ice and soil into the air along with the methane gas.

A pingo is defined by sciencedirect.com as “formed when water, rising by hydraulic pressure through gaps in the permafrost, freezes and uplifts a mound of ice covered by a layer of alluvium.”

The bad part is that seventeen more craters have formed and the database the scientists are creating by studying this phenomenon lists well over seven thousand heave mounds on the Yamal and Gydan peninsulas.

The areas considered the most dangerous are north and south Tambey near the town of Sabetta and the Seyakha area.

According to siberiantimes.com, the most notable, so far, is the crater dubbed C1 in the central Yamal Peninsula which exploded in 2014 sending material almost three thousand feet into the air. The crater that remained was about eighty two feet in diameter and about one hundred and sixty four feet deep.

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