Bulletin: Buy Me a Coffee?

Buy Me a Coffee at ko-fi.com

Along with writers James Pyles and Rebecca Spellman, this author has decided to join Ko-fi, a platform which allows artists to solicit donations. The price set by Ko-fi is $3 – the price of a cup of coffee. If you like my stories and my posts here at A Song of Joy, you can click the Buy Me a Coffee link in this post and/or in the side bar. (Both links work. I checked. 😉 ) Then you can donate three dollars to show your appreciation, if you so desire.

The account is, for the moment, a Tip Jar and not a way to generate revenue for projects behind the scenes here at Song. While future events may lead to commissions, subscriptions, and the like, for now Ko-fi is just another way you can help keep me on track. Reviews, comments, and likes are wonderful, and I definitely want to see more of those. But it never hurts to know people are willing to put money on the line, one way or another, in order to see a writer’s work continue.

Given how odd times have been lately, it seems prudent to set up this account as well. Nothing is or will be certain going forward, readers. It is best to keep one’s options open, and Ko-fi may become a necessity in the future. We can all hope it does not come to that, but there are no guarantees in life. Better to be prepared than to be caught flat-footed by outside events.

You can visit my Ko-fi page through the link here. Do not donate if you cannot or do not wish to – this isn’t meant to pressure anyone. It’s just another way which readers may use to say, “Good work, please keep it up!”

While you are here I also recommend pre-ordering Cirsova’s Spring Issue, which has some neat perks this year. The magazine is celebrating five years of publication, meaning they have three different covers for this issue. I have a story in their 2021 Summer Issue and, judging by the preview images I have been sent, the cover for that one is going to be at least as gorgeous as those available for Spring!

Stay tuned for more information as the year unfolds, readers. You will not want to miss what is coming next! 🙂

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