Lone Wolf and Cub in a Galaxy Far, Far Away….

Admittedly, I was leery of The Mandalorian when I first heard it being discussed. Though her initial inclination was to avoid it, through circumstance, this author came to be seated in front of the television to watch the series.

So far, it has been entertaining. Not perfect, but certainly enjoyable. In today’s film market, that is high praise, as there is now little to watch on the “boob tube.” While streaming and various websites still offer plenty of diversion, most of it is not new. And like all fictional enterprises, film requires a certain amount of innovation on the writers’ part.

The Mandalorian succeeds in this admirably with its adaptation of the Lone Wolf and Cub* plotline. It remains to be seen if this will continue; unless you have seen the second season finale, however, this writer will not explain why this caveat must be placed here. Suffice it to say that, while the climax was satisfying in many ways, it left the door open to the potential for damaging errors.

We shall have to wait and see what will become of the series henceforth. Until then, I thought it would be good to post videos of the show’s marvelous introductory and exit themes:

The Mandalorian OST – Main Theme


The Mandalorian – Ending Credits Theme

There were also a couple of fan melodies worth passing along, specifically these gems from Funk Turkey:

Big Mandalorian Iron


Tie Fighter in the Sky: The Ballad of Moff Gideon


El Mando

And these fan compositions, one of which is Christmas-themed:

The Bad Batch Trailer Music | EPIC VERSION THEME (fan made)


The Mandalorian: Carol Of The Bells | EPIC CHRISTMAS MASHUP (fan made)

Enjoy the music, readers. And remember: “This is the way!”

I have spoken. 😉

*This is an Amazon affiliate link. When you purchase something through it, this author receives a commission from Amazon at no extra charge to you, the buyer. If you liked this article, friend Caroline Furlong on Facebook or follow her here at www.carolinefurlong.wordpress.com. Her stories have been published in Cirsova’s Summer Special and Unbound III: Goodbye, Earth, while her poetry appeared in Organic Ink, Vol. 2. She has also had stories published in Planetary Anthologies Luna and Uranus. Another story was released in Cirsova Magazine’s Summer Issue. Her most recent piece is available in Planetary Anthology: Sol. Order them today!

4 thoughts on “Lone Wolf and Cub in a Galaxy Far, Far Away….

  1. The “El Mando” vid had me in stitches. 🙂

    The Mandalorian is decent quality Star Wars/space western content in a world where there are no decent westerns, no good space opera, and Star Wars has been taken over by people who hate it. It’s fun, it’s funny, it’s got some action, it’s got swagger and it has heart.

    That said, I haven’t watched Season 2 yet because I’m deathly afraid it won’t live up to my expectations. (Does it???)

    Liked by 1 person

    • “El Mando” is hilarious! 😃

      I would say that season two exceeds season one in several areas. There is one slow episode early on, and if you haven’t kept up with Clone Wars/Rebels, the guest appearances won’t do much for you. The guest appearance at the end of the season, however, is amazing. The Internet is *still* talking about it.

      On the whole, I would say season two improved on what had been done right in season one. It broke new ground, deepened the characterization, and told darn good stories. I’m hoping for similar improvement to occur in season three. 🙂 👍

      Liked by 1 person

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