Reposted: How to Start, Build, and Grow Your Email List

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How to Start, Build, and Grow Your Email List

One of the most essential steps you’ll ever take when preparing for your book launch and starting your career as a serious author is your email subscription list. Having a good, strong, dependable email list of actively engaged subscribers is crucial to your success as a writer and your book’s success. And as daunting as it sounds, it’s really not that difficult to get one started! But before we dive into the how-to of list-building, let’s first lay the foundation on the why.

Do I Really Need an Email List in 2021?

Yes. More so than ever. And here’s why…

Think of it in terms of where you live. Having a dependable list of subscribers is like owning your home, while relying on your social media accounts to reach readers is like renting.

Your profile and your feed on all social-media platforms are nothing more than rented space! Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, heck, each and every one of the social media platforms is owned by some huge corporate conglomerate. They only allow you to rent space on their platform. Each and every contact you’ve developed on each platform, you have borrowed from those site owners. So, if they decided tomorrow they are rich enough and don’t want to fool with social media anymore, and they decide to shut them down… guess what happens to all your content and all your contacts? That’s right… they’re gone!

However, the space you’ve created on your website and/or email account is technically your space. Once your subscribers give their permission for you to contact them, you own the right to contact them, and you own all the content you send to them every time you email them. You can say what you want and do what you want without fear of being locked in “Facebook Jail.” That alone should be reason enough for you to have your own email list.

Am I saying to get rid of social media? Absolutely not! In fact, ride that wagon until the wheels fall off! But instead of depending on social media to grow and reach your reader list, start thinking of it more as a support system rather than your go-to way of communicating.

Okay, so where do I begin?

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