Bulletin: “The Circle Is Now Complete!”

Well, almost complete. Tuscany Bay Books’ landmark anthology series, which they acquired from Superversive Press, has nearly wrapped up production. Planetary Anthology: Neptune*, the tenth book in the series, released this past December. There is now only one volume left to be published – Planetary Anthology: Saturn! (It is available for pre-order as an e-book on Amazon now*!)

As the series is one volume away from completion, it seemed a good time to look back on the collection as a whole. Though the official line-up travels from Sol through to Pluto*, the ninth planet’s anthology was published first by Tuscany Bay Books. Since Superversive Press had already released five of the anthologies, TBB had to release its imprint of the series outside the proper order.

I have a story in three of these anthologies. Planetary Anthology: Luna*, the thickest collection in the series, features Despot Hold ‘Em. A tale of madness on the moon, where gambling comes at a high price, and the words of an elderly miner warn of terrible danger. Sometimes you have to know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em….

But most of all, you have to know when to RUN!

Planetary Anthology: Uranus* is home to my second story, The Long Dream. One of my favorite tales to date, this piece is a murder mystery as well. When a man wakes after centuries of cold sleep, he must remember his past to find his future. Doing so will be dangerous, however, since someone still wants him dead – and he is willing to kill whoever stands between him and his prey!

Finally, we have Planetary Anthology: Sol*. I was interviewed on the Superversive Livestream for this anthology in November, and I apologize for not posting the link to that sooner. It was a busy month.

The tale in this volume is Let the Dead Bury Their Dead. World War II has just ended, but the battles are far from finished. What does a man with nowhere to go and no will to fight do when both sides have reason to want him dead? Can mercy be found among men? And if so….what is to be done then?

If you want to pick these up but hoped to have the entire series available for purchase beforehand, the time is getting close. Saturn should be out soon, so now is a good time to begin collecting this extensive series on the Solar System. The 190 authors featured in the Planetary series would certainly consider it a wonderful New Year’s gift!

As always, remember that the links marked with asterisks are Amazon Affiliate links. When you purchase an item through these connections, this author receives a (tiny) commission from Amazon. So don’t wait, make sure you order the Planetary Anthology Series today, so you can enjoy these stories for years to come!

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