Bigger on the Outside Than on the Inside?

Forgive the Dr. Who* joke, readers, but it was begging to be done. Learn more about this fascinating discovery around Stonehenge through the link below:


Archaeologists Find Massive Prehistoric Structure ENCIRCLING Stonehenge

Jun 28, 2020

Steve Palace

A team in England have reportedly found Britain’s largest ever prehistoric structure encircling Stonehenge. A ring of ancient pits has been uncovered in Wiltshire, England and it’s causing heads to spin. Stunned archaeologists removed layers of loose clay to reveal approx 20 shafts surrounding the site of Durrington Walls. Current thinking is the team, led by the University of Bradford, have broken records by locating the biggest prehistoric structure ever found in Britain.

Thought to be at least 4, 500 years old – the age of Durrington itself – the pits are 30 ft in diameter and 15 ft deep. Together they form a ring 1.2 miles wide. They were apparently made, then left exposed with clay forming over the centuries. Research has been published online as an open access document for digital journal Internet Archaeology.

This discovery was made possible thanks to advances in technology, used alongside traditional techniques. Smithsonian Magazine writes, “a renewed round of remote-sensing testing and ground sampling” was behind the fantastic find. The presence of some pits has been known about since 1916. However their true extent, plus the idea they might have a combined purpose, has proved quite literally earth shattering.

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