Fun with Star Wars

The Internet allows for some truly creative people to have fun cutting and rearranging various films and episodes. The examples below are just two of the most recent videos to catch this author’s eye. And before you ask, no, I am not trying to find AMVs that take liberties with the Star Wars* franchise. They have simply become hard to escape!

One does not have to watch or even enjoy The Mandalorian to find the first video amusing. And it is no surprise that someone meshed the exit music for the series with the clip of the head-banging cat. The theme for the series really is good enough that I can believe animals are unable to resist moving to the beat!

Watching The Mandalorian Credits Be Like…

Fans of USA’s Psych* should get a real kick out of this next clip. Allow me to introduce the theme song for this lighthearted detective series set to scenes from the Star Wars prequels:

Enjoy the videos, readers. Fellow viewers of The Mandalorian may sound off in the comments, in favor or against the series. And if, by some miracle, you have not yet seen Psych you should give it a try. It is fun.

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