Reposted: Skin for the Game

Take a look at this interesting article by J.D. Cowan, readers:

Skin for the Game

Over the last few days, I’ve been witness to some discussions that solidified a few thoughts I’ve had floating at the back of my head. At Wasteland & Sky we discuss art a lot, because it is both more important and less important than some believe. It is more important because it shares ephemeral ideas and notions we all need to experience over and over, it is less important because it is not a god for a cult to worship. Art is connection, not the end goal. Recent discussions have made this clearer than before.

That recent series of events have proven to me that investment matters more to the audience than any other area of craft. While craft matters a lot (you can’t create art without it) it is secondary to the end goal. As stated before, it is connection. Audience investment is what will truly make the difference between good art and memorable art.

After looking over author Brian Niemeier’s review of the two Gremlins movies, I thought about one thing he mentioned in regards to the first.

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