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God Works in Mysterious Ways…

…And though we do not always see it, as the mother in this article did, that does not make it any less true. Click the link below to learn more about this heartwarming story, readers!

Passengers take up collection on flight to help Brazilian mother with sick child

Magnús Sannleikur 


When a mother found herself in difficult circumstances, a group of strangers generously stepped forward to help.

A flight last month between Campinas and São José do Rio Preto in southern Brazil became the scene of a spontaneous act of solidarity that went viral on social media networks.

According to the website Aeroin.net, a passenger named Sirlândia Dias Pereira was traveling with her infant son Caleb, who suffers from heart failure and has a heart murmur. During the flight, she told the passenger next to her, Alex Pontes, that she was traveling so her son could be hospitalized for treatment. She also explained that she was relying on the charity of others for living quarters and that it was very difficult for her to take care of her family.

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