Amidst the Mallorn Trees….

Or maybe this is Dinotopia’s* Treetown. But whether the scene below puts one in mind of either James Gurney’s magnum opus or Professor Tolkien’s* landmark work, the location is sure to spark the imagination, readers:

Tennessee Treetop Skywalk is the Longest Tree-Based Bridge in North America!

Tennessee Treetop Skywalk is the Longest Tree-Based Bridge in North America!

 October 13, 2020

David Barns

If you are tired and looking for a place to release your stress, the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee will quickly free your mind. There is a canopy walkway that hasn’t been seen in another location. Treetop bridge is called Anakeesta, located in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. This bridge offers a walk through the trees, either during the day or at night. What most amazing fact is it’s the longest tree-based bridge in North America.

Walking through this sky bridge gives you the feeling like a bird cause it’s up to 50-60 feet (15.24 to 18.29 meters) in the air. Moreover, you can observe the wild animals throughout the walkway.

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