Reposted: Heroes are Better than Villains

Take a look at this interesting piece from Rawle Nyanzi, readers:

Heroes are Better than Villains

Villains are considered more interesting than heroes because materialism dominates modern thinking.

Under materialism, the only way to challenge a protagonist is to threaten his physical well-being, his personal desires, or his social standing.

Fantastical stories are full of superbeings; from a materialist standpoint, these supers have few problems, for they have enough power to sidestep most obstacles.

Additionally, the strongest heroes do not need to fear reputational damage because their powers let them ignore both elite and public opinion.

Seen from this perspective, heroes hold a golden ticket; moral problems don’t even register because they don’t threaten the hero’s life, reputation, or desires.

In truth, morality exists outside of human opinion, but materialism denies this, so modern storytellers replace morality with reputation.

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