Bulletin: Planetary Anthology Sol – Coming Soon!

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The next installment in Tuscany Bay Books’ Planetary Anthology Series, Planetary Anthology: Sol*, is due out November 10th. You can pre-order the Kindle version at the previous link, since the print edition is not yet available. It will be forthcoming, but for the moment it is not an option.

I would like to thank Tuscany Bay Books and Benjamin Wheeler, editor for Sol, for the opportunity to once again be part of this great series. Unlike the previous stories in Luna* and Uranus*, my contribution to this collection is grounded in history. It also pays homage to a beloved medium that recently made it big on the silver screen. 😉

Sol will be the ninth installment in the Planetary Anthology Series. If you have not bought the other books – Planetary Anthology Pluto*, Mercury*, Venus*, Earth*, Mars*, and Jupiter* in addition to Luna and Uranus – now would be a good time. After Sol there will be only two more editions to collect: Saturn* and Neptune*, both of which are available for pre-order on Kindle through the links.

And please remember that these are Amazon Affiliate links. I get a small (very small) commission paid as a fee for directing you to the Amazon store through them. So if you want to support this author as well as others, pick up these books and/or other items through Amazon today.

Thank you again for following me and supporting me in this journey, readers. I have said it before, but I will say it again: you ROCK!

See you in Planetary Anthology: Sol!

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