Reposted: Superheroes in A Post-Modern Age

Check out this great piece by author Kai Wai Cheap, readers!

Superheroes in A Post-Modern Age

What is a superhero?

A hero with superpowers.

What is a hero?

That is a question the genre is struggling with today.

To be a hero is to protect the innocent, uphold moral norms, and preserve society, even if it means experiencing great hardship. It is to embody and express the great virtues, even at tremendous personal cost. It is to use your gifts and talents wisely, in the service of others, instead of satisfying personal vices.

It is to be good and do good in the face of incredible challenges.

But what does it mean to be good?

And does possessing superpowers make you less than, greater than, or something other than human?

Once, there was an easy answer to these questions. Not any more.

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2 thoughts on “Reposted: Superheroes in A Post-Modern Age

  1. Auto-incorrect hit his name in the lead-in; replaced a ‘P’ with an ‘H’.

    There is some struggle with the idea of hero– mostly from folks who want to be praised as heroic when they aren’t doing anything heroic, and they’re actually being quite nasty.

    Their logic isn’t actually that bad– we know that heroes have done similarly horrible stuff since way back (Hercules. Just…. wow. I am still amused that they got a sweet Christian fellow to play him for the TV show, and find it delightfully superversive how sweet and Christian-flavored the morality of it was.) and we know that the more modern heroes are doing different things, so it can change.

    Just… the changes they want to force aren’t organic. The story keeps dragging heroes back to heroism, and people don’t buy the stories that are anti-heroic.

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