Words from a Master

Check out this great piece by John C. Wright, readers:

‘The Catholic writer is able to plunge more deeply into the enigma at the core of life,’ says sci-fi writer John C. Wright.

Fictions and Faith: Catholic Sci-Fi Writer John C. Wright Discusses His Craft

Convert-writer feels no need to hide his faith from his readers.

BOOKS |  JUL. 11, 2020

K.V. Turley

“No science fiction writer is imaginative enough to have pictured this combination of hysteria, incompetence, malice and affluence.” So says award-winning science fiction writer John C. Wright, down the line from his home in Virginia.

In this time of pandemic, Wright was speaking to the Register June 20, just as the lockdown began to ease across the Western world. The obvious question to ask a writer of speculative fiction is how recent events — which for many have been surreal and at times reminiscent of a premise for a sci-fi novel — compare to his own imaginings of future realities.

“I predicted a bioweapon release in one of my novels, and examined some of the social changes of communities treating all strangers as lepers,” Wright said, adding that “nothing I have invented comes near” to what the world is experiencing in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

He then added, “On the other hand, nothing I have invented comes near the absurdity of the outbreak of the Great War due to an incompetent anarchist shooting an archduke in Serbia. History is stranger than fiction, since we make fiction to suit ourselves.”

This leads to the obvious question: Why write fiction, and, in particular, sci-fi?

“Scope. I need elbow room,” Wright replied. “Tales in the science fiction and fantasy genre have, and must have, all the same elements of storytelling as crime novels or mainstream fiction: that is, plot, character, setting, prose and theme — but also it has one element more, which is world-building.”

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