Prehistoric Rodent of Unusual Size

Pardon The Princess Bride* reference, readers, but it was begging to be done! Click the link to learn more about this monstrous animal from the Land Down Under’s past. This is one beast we should all be happy to see extinct!

And don’t blame me for any nightmares that come from reviewing this article! I’m just the messenger, not the artist! ;D

giant wombat skull

Remains of GIANT Wombat 25 Million Years old Found in Australia

Jul 12, 2020

Steve Palace

A giant wombat is changing the way people see wildlife Down Under. Not that it exists today – this marsupial is millions of years old and has turned up in fossil form.

Dubbed “Mukupirna nambensis”, the New York Times describes it as “a mega-wombat that tipped the scales at well over 300 pounds.” It has been compared to a black bear and is reportedly 5 times bigger than the average wombat. “Mukupirna” is from the Aboriginal languages of Dieri/Malyangapa, translating as “big bones”.

The new and exciting discovery of the giant wombat remains is believed to be one of the oldest examples of a “vombatiform”. Today’s wombats and koalas are descended from this varied group of ancient animals. The creature was found in the Lake Eyre Basin in South Australia.

The mighty marsupial lived 25 million years ago, roaming lush rainforest during the Oligocene period. Researchers led by Dr Robin Beck of the University of Salford examined fossilized remains, comprising most of a skeleton plus partial skull. Their analysis is published in the journal Scientific Reports.

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