Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let Down Your Hair!

Now this is a residence with class! Click the link to learn more, readers. And if you have some spare cash, maybe this could be your new vacation home!

Hadlow Tower. Getty Images

Price Slashed for Gothic “Fantasy Tower” Converted into Amazing 4-Bed Home

Apr 8, 2020 

Ian Harvey

If you’re looking for a new Gothic tower home, something that is absolutely unlike anything else in the neighborhood, a recent report in the Sun says that Hadlow Tower in Hadlow village, Kent, England, is not only on the market, but its price has been substantially reduced.

The unique residence went on the market in 2018, but hadn’t sold. Now the owner has reduced his asking price by 400,000 pounds (almost $500k), to a mere 1.6 million pounds or just under $2 million USD.

The Gothic tower home is a Grade I listed folly, and is the tallest of its kind in England, standing at 175 feet. The tower was built onto Hadlow Castle in 1838. It was commissioned by Walter May, a wealthy businessman, as a way of keeping an eye on his wife, whom he believed to be straying with a local farmer. It was designed by a naval architect named George Ledwell Taylor, and is a few feet taller than Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square, which was built around the same time. The main, and much older, portion of Hadlow Castle was mostly demolished in 1951, leaving the tower behind.

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