The Return of the Defiance

Learn more about this vessel that was shipwrecked on the coast of Maine below, readers:

The wreck emerged from the sand during recent heavy surf. As the tide receded Tuesday night, members of the crowd would climb atop the wreck, then run away from it as the next wave rolled in. (Staff photo by Ben McCanna/Portland Portland Press Herald via Getty Images)

Storm in Maine Uncovers Famous Colonial-Era Shipwreck of The Defiance

Apr 11, 2020 Ian Harvey

Maine is often battered by wild, windy storms, breeding grounds for a shipwreck, and Maine has had plenty. When those winds toss and turn the coast, and ocean waters churn and froth in huge waves, the state’s shorelines sometimes reveal long buried treasures that are spit back, so to speak, onto land from the murky depths.

And so it went in 2018, when a storm known as a nor’easter raged in York Beach and revealed the stark outline of a vessel first seen on shore in 1958, but only recently identified as the cargo ship, Defiance. The vessel was used, as so many boats were centuries ago, to move cargo up and down the coast to communities in many ports.

After doing an analysis of the wood used to build the ship, experts at Cornell University’s Tree Ring Lab have concluded the ship was built around 1738, which predates the American Revolution. In a recent interview with news website, historic archaeologist Leith Smith, with Maine Historic Preservation, said, “We think it was probably driven ashore during a storm, and it was pushed so far up onto the beach that it couldn’t be pulled back into the water.”

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