A Dark and Mysterious World Awaits…

…In the Congo River?! Check out the article to learn more about this fascinating discovery, readers:

congo river

Mysterious blind ‘ghost fish’ reveals Congo to be the deepest river in the world


January 13, 2020, 6:16 p.m.

The waters of the Congo River in Africa are some of the world’s most mysterious. This is the river that inspired Joseph Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness”; it crosses the equator twice, cuts through the world’s second largest rainforest, and its basin is home to some of the highest levels of biodiversity on the planet.

And only just now have we discovered the true depth of this beguiling waterway.

It turns out, the Congo River is also the world’s deepest. It has underwater worlds we never knew existed, and strange blind creatures lurking in its hidden abysses.

The first hints at just how deep this river ran came a few years ago, when peculiar ghost-white fish began washing up on the Congo’s lower shores. These fish looked like cave fish; they were blind, with pale-bleach skin, like organisms adapted to life in dark caverns concealed from the light for millennia. But this was a roaring river, and there were no caves around from where these fish could have emerged.

Melanie Stiassny, an ichthyologist at the American Museum of Natural History, was among the first scientists on the scene. She noticed a clue: these fish would die almost immediately upon flopping ashore, with bubbles seeming to fizz from beneath their skin and from their gills, reports Cosmos.

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