A Sad Note in a Sad Tale

The sinking of the Titanic still captures the minds of many a century after the event took place. Although there are many tales of bravery, courage, and sorrow associated with the ill-fated ship, the one below is among the less well-known. But perhaps the fact that this little item made it back home shows that Someone was keeping an eye on the vessel the whole time.

Here’s the piece, readers:

Cobh, The Queenstown Story at Cobh Heritage Centre

Holy water bottle from the Titanic held a goodbye note

Patty Knap | Feb 21, 2020

A year after the ship sank, the bottle was found, just a few kilometers from the sender’s hometown in Ireland.

Jeremiah Burke, a 19-year-old Irishman, was on board the Titanic, on his way to meet up with two sisters who had already emigrated to the U.S. His cousin Nora Hegarty was with him.

He was the youngest of seven children and had worked on the family farm before setting out on his journey. His sisters had settled in Charlestown, Massachusetts, and had sent money home for Jeremiah to join them.

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