“Someone’s Been Sleeping in My Bed….”

….But no one wanted to wake her! Click the link to learn more, readers:

Royal Bengal tiger laying on person's bed.

Man comes home to find a massive tiger snoozing on his bed


July 26, 2019, 1 p.m.

No one likes to come home to neighbors screaming and pointing at your doorway.

That would suggest something is amiss.

And, indeed, when a man identified only as Motilal peered inside his village home in northeastern India earlier last week, he realized the neighbors’ concerns were somewhat justified.

There was, after all, a royal Bengal tiger napping on his bed.

The adult female was likely seeking shelter from nearby Kaziranga National Park, where monsoons had submerged an estimated 70 percent of the land area.

But what to do about the massive tiger sprawled on Motilal’s bed? As anyone with a wildlife issue should do, he dialed the local wildlife authority.

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