Reposted: On Business and Politics

Take a look at this fantastic piece by Mr. Benjamin Cheah, readers:

Where Politics and Business Collide

April 20, 2020

In cyberpunk fiction, megacorps rule the world.

But in our world, why would they?

Old-school cyberpunk fiction was framed as a critique of hypercapitalism. Megacorporations have the same political clout as governments, if not more so. They are the true rulers of the world. Their word is law, and their agents are above the law. With this power, they…

Push an endless cycle of products?

If so, why would they need to rule the world?

And, conversely, if they aim to rule the world, why would they focus on pushing products as well? Governance requires a much different mindset from business, and with it a different set of strategies and skills.

And if they want to do both, why not just divide the labour like true hypercapitalists would?

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One thought on “Reposted: On Business and Politics

  1. I’m quite in favor of Capitalism, so please don’t shoot. However, Merchantilism has much to offer that I don’t recommend.
    Why would large corporations want to rule? Maybe buying up politicians is a cheap way assure they can get around annoying laws and statutes. As a small business owner I can see the appeal. But then they look around and figure they have enough power to fix poverty or whatever. This is what happens when you don’t listen to Jesus. (“The poor you will always have with you.”)
    Google and Bill Gates’ extra curricular activities come to mind. They aren’t just trying to sell you stuff but control you “for your own good”. See ref the popular CS Lewis line. I’m also a fan of Lord Acton. Get too much power and people drunkenly assume that they know better than the rest of the world– or even reality. Google even got rid of their “Don’t be Evil” slogan. It’s like they have some shred of self awareness.
    Then again, my favorite Cyber Punk author was Neil Stephenson. His concept was similar except that most people just did not care what the government/corporations did and just routed around the damage in society through technology.

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