A REAL Demon Slayer!

No, I have not begun watching the Demon Slayer anime. While I have nothing against it, my schedule only permits me to have a set number of anime to watch. At the moment, there is no room for Demon Slayer.

There is, however, enough room to marvel at the beautiful blade pictured below. One of the Five Swords Under Heaven this piece, known as Dojigiri or the “demon-slayer,” is one of Japan’s national treasures. The reason why is plain just from the pictures. I have never seen photographs of a sword that could compare to this beauty. Wow!

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Demon-slaying Dojigiri, one of Japan’s Five Swords Under Heaven, now on display at Kasuga Shrine

Casey Baseel

The Five Swords Under Heaven might sound like the reward you get for completing a late-game optional side quest in Final Fantasy, but it’s an actual designated set of the most beautiful and culturally prized swords to have ever been created in Japan. A while back, we saw one of the five, Mikazuki (“Crescent Moon”) at Tokyo’s National Museum, and this week we had the opportunity to gaze upon another: Dojigiri.

As you can guess, chances to see the Five Swords Under Heaven don’t happen every day. One is straight-up owned by the Japanese Imperial Family, and three, including Dojigiri, are officially designated national treasures of the country. So when we found out that Dojigiri was being displayed as part of an exhibition being held at Kasuga Shrine in Nara (which also recently displayed the famed Brother Katana set), we didn’t hesitate to hop on the Shinkansen and check it out.

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