“Frodo Wouldn’t Have Gotten Very Far Without Sam.”

Check out this fantastic piece on Sam Gamgee, readers!

What Samwise Gamgee teaches us about courage, friendship and endurance

MARCH 18, 2020

by John Tuttle

Perhaps the most pivotal yet unsung hero of The Lord of the Rings is a little fellow by the name of Samwise Gamgee. He is the fast friend, follower, and supporter of Frodo Baggins, aiding him in the vocation of the Ring’s destruction.

Upon deeper examination of the characters and their functions in the Tolkien saga, it quickly becomes apparent that the inevitable outcome could not be reached without Sam’s actions. The virtuous Sam, going from humble gardener of the Shire to brave Orc-slayer of Middle-earth, was the Hobbit who managed to overcome the evil of the One Ring.

Throughout The Hobbit and the LOTR, we learn of how determined and persistent the little folk of the Shire can be. But Sam, perhaps more than most Hobbits, displays a stick-to-it attitude. He is not prone to forsaking his friends or relinquishing their quest. Instead, he is quick to refuse to take “No” for an answer. Courageously, he plods forward toward whatever end the road might bring.

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