Ten Purr-fectly Fascinating Facts about Cats

Even if you are not a cat person, you may find the ten items below of interest. Not only will they come in handy for fiction, but if your next door neighbor asks you to take care of the cat for a week, these could help make the job run more smoothly!

10 Facts About Cats

By James Atwater

Cats have been around longer than humans, so we haven’t been able to pinpoint exactly when in history they were first domesticated. We assume that the domestication of cats began approximately 10,000 years ago. Halfway between then and now, domesticated cats were worshipped in Ancient Egypt. Today, they continue to be a loved animal for all that they are.

Cats are fascinating little creatures. Every cat owner is sure to have a question or two about its cat’s behavior since we are often left wondering why they do the things they do. Why do cats constantly meow the second you get home? Why are there videos all over the internet of cats jumping in fear at the sight of cucumbers? Why do cats eat grass and then throw it all up? Why does your kitty friend bring you small dead mammals as a present when it returns home? The list of questions can do on and on!

While cats are undeniably adorable, they are also quite strange. From their funny behaviors to their hunter tendencies, cats have learned to amaze us and confuse us at the same time. It’s these strange things about them that set them apart from the rest of the animal kingdom, fascinating us each day. Are you curious to find out more about your cat? This list provides you with interesting facts about these mysterious felines, from their fears to their body compositions.

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